A walk to remember

November 29, 2011
By nancyzC.1997 BRONZE, N,J, New Jersey
nancyzC.1997 BRONZE, N,J, New Jersey
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“A Walk to Remember” is a film about love, trust, and forgiveness. Jamie Sullivan was a girl who didn’t have any friends; Landon Carter was a popular boy who went to the same high school. Landon and Jamie never talked to each other until he joined the play. He often asked Jamie for help studying his lines and as the days passed he became increasingly attracted to her. Jamie had a secret that she kept from everyone, especially Landon. But once she knew that she could trust him, she told him the tragic secret that she been keeping, that she had leukemia.
The theme of the movie was that anybody can change. Landon changed his opinion of Jamie. He eventually loved her so much that he didn’t care if she dressed badly or was too obsessed with the Bible. During his involvement in the play, he was very focused on what he was doing. The way Jamie performed the song in the movie was amazing. The director may have wanted the viewers to see that anybody can change if you believe in them and give them a chance.
Warner Brother’s version was just great- romantic, funny, and joyful. It was breathtaking; the compassion they had was just amazing. Landon and Jamie shared a love that could never die. As a reviewer. The film will always remind people to forgive and to trust people. Teenagers who love drama and romance should watch this movie

The author's comments:
the movie inspired me a lot because I love drama and romance

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