Not as Dry as the Sahara

December 12, 2011
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Sahara, the 2005 movie with Mathew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz, surrounded by dessert upon dessert. It takes place at the edge of the Sahara, in the civil war hardened country of Mali. Where they go on an adventure that reveals more than what the bargained for.

Mali, sitting on the Prime Meridian, is two thirds dessert. Dirk Pitt (Matthew McConaughey) and Al Giordino (Steve Zahn) make their way into Mali via the Niger River, where they find pollution that explains the epidemic found by the U.N. doctor, Eva Rojas (Penelope Cruz). Meanwhile, General Zateb Kazim (Lennie James) and Yves Massarde (Lambert Wilson) try to stop Dirk, Al, and Eva from divulging what they know.

Mathew McConaughey with his beautiful looks and charming attitude, fit the character of Dirk the good-natured ex-navy seal. Dirk’s partner in crime, Al, played by Steve Zahn, who, with his naturally playful behavior, gave him that wise cracking attitude of Al Giordino. Penelope Cruz playing Eva Rojas, gave the movie a feminine touch that brought the action violence to a PG-13 level. Lennie James and Lambert Wilson playing the major antagonists used.

With all great adventure films, there are guns, blood, and explosions. All of which the makers of Sahara put in mind when creating the movie. Using over one hundred guns, the special rounds and other needs for the guns had to be in bulk. One scene even had multiple explosions. On another note, the script had little to none vulgar language. Which is a wonderful tradition for all movies to follow.

The theme (though often used) is to not give up. The theme fits accordingly with the independent searches of both Dirk and Eva, Dirk with his ship and Eva with her pollutant.

In all, the movie was an excellent action packed movie that shows the human relevance to romance, adventure, and ingenuity. With limited vulgar content, only the week-hearted for blood are pained.

In the end, the movie, Sahara, is an older, yet still exciting. I give the movie three and a half stars.

The reviewer, Alex S., is a high school student. Only a sophomore and one year away from a legal job, he is currently unemployed. Alex enjoys hobbies that require a hands-on aspect, like models.

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