December 12, 2011
By BNDH3 BRONZE, El Dorado, Kansas
BNDH3 BRONZE, El Dorado, Kansas
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Tangled, a Disney animated film, is a remake, using the term loosely, of the classic Rapunzel. Tangled’s Rapunzel is more adventurous with a more happy go lucky attitude than the classic Rapunzel. Although the storyline has been changed, the underlying plot is still recognizable. It is the story of a princess who only wants to understand the workings of the world and find her place in it. With an interestingly fun remake on the original fairy tale, Tangled captures laughter, fun, music and more within it.

This fairy tale story is of a princess who obtains special powers from a magical flower that was used in a potion as a means of saving her mother’s life during childbirth. An old woman, who had been protecting the flower for selfish reasons, kidnaps Rapunzel so she can use her powers to keep herself young. Mother Gothel keeping Rapunzel locked in a tower for most of her life causes the young princess to seek adventure in the outside world. She gains the service of Flynn Rider to guide her through the forest and help her on her adventurous journey.

With actors from Mandy Moore voicing the main character Rapunzel giving the character a strong, relatable tone. To Zachary Levi, the voice of Flynn Rider, who gives him an adventurous, calm feeling. Donna Murphy, the voice behind Mother Gothel adds a sort of creepy, mysterious, motherly expression to her character. There is even a horse named Maximus; while he does not have a voice, his expressions are easily understandable and he adds an eccentric attitude to the movie.

The 2010 spin on the traditional Rapunzel is a Disney animated film made to be watched in either 2D or 3D. With the whole movie being animated, there are many different types of special effects needed to complete the movie. I like the fact that this movie is an altered version, which makes it a completely different story to watch, with new events and different types of characters to follow throughout their story. I did not like so much that the creators strayed so far away from the original story, although remaking the movie shines new light on it.

All movies have morals or lessons learned while watching them. Disney’s Tangled has many messages for children to relate to or understand. One of the lessons in this movie is the fact that one should stand up for yourself and for what you believe in. This lesson is relatable to children because they do not always do what they believe in. Another moral of the movie Tangled is, its fine to make mistakes in life, everyone does at some point, but one must learn from them.

The suitable audience for this movie would be young children, as they are the ones who would relate more with this type of movie. With a movie like Tangled, anyone could watch it. Age is not a factor of Disney movies. Tangled is a wonderful movie, with fun for the whole family. This is an easy movie to laugh at, sing with, and is enjoyable to watch. With a rating of five out of five lanterns, it is worth the guilty pleasure of watching.

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Great job on the synopsis of this movie. I watched this with my younger cousin a week ago and agree with your points on the moral of this movie.


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