Cowboys and Aliens

December 9, 2011
By HU4LJohnny3Tears BRONZE, Fridley, Minnesota
HU4LJohnny3Tears BRONZE, Fridley, Minnesota
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Yep. Just what the title says. Guys in weird hats fighting human abducting aliens with green blood. Just as bad as it sounds right? The director Jon Favreau also directed the Iron Man series but I guess all directors are human right? Because this is a movie that was highly anticipated but never followed through.

In this movie, Daniel Craig wakes up in a desert with no memory and a mysterious alien like wrist band attached to his wrist. He winds up in a small town where people recognise him as a cold blooded outlaw. He’s being sent away when a bunch of aliens attack the town abducting people. That’s when Daniel Craig decides to find out what happened to him.

This movie is so confusing in what they were trying to do with the aliens. They look like a cafeteria lunch gone wrong. CGI U.F.O’s were hard to see because they moved so fast. The only good look of them you get is when one eats the dust and you get to see what the heck it was. And I won’t spoil this but, what is up with their chests?

Harrison Ford did a good job though. He played his character well but too bad he was stuck in this movie. Olivia Wilde was just eye candy for the movie. Her character is way too confusing and hard to follow, but then again, who followed her character? They were just ogling over her body and stuff like that.

Overall, I would give this move 3 out of 5 stars. Not the best movie ever, but not the worst. The characters could have used some improvements and the plot stunk more than a skunk, but at least give them effort for trying. Cowboys and Aliens is a movie that will be a bad way.

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