Troy (2004 movie)

November 29, 2011
By lyric_gonzales GOLD, Batangas, Other
lyric_gonzales GOLD, Batangas, Other
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Troy is an epic movie. It shows how great Homer's story - Iliad - is.

The story is about the city of Troy. It won many wars. It lived and remained unconquered by any other cities in Greece. Sparta, one of the cities in Greece, has a king named Agamemnon. He wanted to conquer Troy. And because he was desperate to conquer it, he asked the great warrior Achilles to fight for Sparta. Hector, the prince of Troy, is also known as the great warrior of Troy. He then fights Achilles for the glory of Troy.

The story also revolves around the love story of Paris and Helen.

When I watched this movie with my classmates for English class, I found it interesting. Actors portray the role as if they really live like the characters in the book. Some parts of the story that's in the book is not shown especially the story between the Gods but still, the movie shows that the cities rely on the Gods to guide them throughout the war. The Gods take sides between the war of Troy and Sparta, and they try to manipulate the whole war.

The movie is amazing! You could almost feel that you're part of the movie.But warning for those who would want to watch this movie - there are some nude scenes and a lot of blood. But all in all, it's really an amazing movie.

The author's comments:
My love for Greek mythology inspired me to write a review for this movie. I found the movie interesting - graphics, story and all.

I hope that people, especially those who love Greek mythology like I do will also find the movie interesting and learn something from it.

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