The Muppets

November 28, 2011
By Anonymous

I am a die-hard Muppet fanatic. Seeing The Muppets last night in the theater reminded me why. When I heard that one of the stars from my favorite sitcom was making a Muppet-comeback movie, I was ecstatic, then skeptical. The Muppets are a huge name, and 12 years had gone by since people had really seen them in their glory. Don't get me wrong, I watch and love the recent Christmas specials every year, and the bits on the Disney Channel are always entertaining, but the fuzzy phenomenon has not been seen by an entire generation of children. Making a comeback would be a huge task.

Not only did I enjoy my time in the theater seats watching The Muppets, but I enjoyed my time before and after the movie as well. I was hearing bits and pieces of conversations of people from early childhood to their fifties and sixties. Such conversations I heard were the tales of Yale University having a special room dedicated to airing The Muppet Show every week, and how everyone would crowd in to watch, to little kids asking for the other Kermit movies and toys from Santa Claus soming up. The Muppets are as alive and thriving as ever, and you all had a fantastic part in bringing back the magic. Sitting in the theater, I could not wipe the dopey grin off my face from enjoyment. And my friends who I attended the movie with, none of whom are as die-hard as I am, thought the movie was fantastic as well.

I understand that these performers are, for the most part, the new generation of Muppet performers who bring these characters to life, yet they are the same as they have always been. Nobody would have guessed that The Muppets had taken a more-than-a-decade hiatus from the big screen, featuring many new performers as the characters we know and love, and new characters joining them, but they all were like greeting an old friend who looks better with age, each of them individually. This movie is fantastic. It is the perfect blend of old and new characters as well as the same feel of the classic Muppets so many have grown up with. I, being only 16, haven't "grown up" with the Muppets of the "golden era," but I have seen their work from early on. All the movies, DVD-released television shows, and holiday specials are up on my shelf. These are the Muppets that so many know, yet this movie is the start of the new generation of Muppets and the new generation of Muppet viewers. And this movie ranks high on mine and many others' lists.

I just wanted to say thank you to Jason Segel, Disney, the Muppeteers, the actors, the crew, the puppet builders (especially those who reincarnated old favorites! THOG!), the creative team, and everyone involved for allowing me to continue with my obsession, and doing it in such a fantastic way. You all are so amazing, and someday I hope I will be able to join you. I will be back in the theater with more friends, to show them how the Muppets are alive and well.

Go see the movie. You will be glad you did. The Muppets are still on top.

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