Moulon Rouge

December 9, 2011
By Crazycathy BRONZE, Mounds View, Minnesota
Crazycathy BRONZE, Mounds View, Minnesota
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All You Need Is Love

Moulon Rouge what is it I say its a love storey place in Paris France in the 1900s. I really enjoyed the way the first sean was dark and and sad and how it was also the last. Most of the movie is just one big flash back. That being said the plot was extremely hard to follow at times. like in the beginning where he is sitting at his type writer, than the next seen an unconscious Argentinean falls through the roof i mean what is up with that.

The characters on the other hand hand are just as uneake as the plot, except for sateen she is the star show girl at the Moulon Rouge. I think she is no different than any other female Lead in a musical with dreams of being a real actress's, “never heard that before”.... not. Than we have Christian a love struck writer that gets swept up in the Bohemian revolution and all he wants is to fall in love, seriously dose he think about any thing but LOVE! And than there's the duke and I only have one word to describe him...creepy,he plans to invest in the moulon rouge but all he really wants is total access with sateen and if someone interferes with that he will have you killed.
The music in this movie was breathtaking. Non of the songs where original but they mixed them together to form one song. Most of the songs people know like all you need is love by the Beetles or material girl by Madonna even diamonds are a girls best friend from Gentlemen prefer blonds. My favorite song in Moulon rouge is “Roxanne” what they did with it was sing the enter song and mix it with another song to harmonize you have to hear it to believe it.
The acting was great on Nicole Kidmans part, she really got in to her character and embraced the bubbly show girl personality. But Erwin Migregger dose not mesher up his singing voce is like an angel but his acting will just make you want to drop dead. In the last seen when Sateen dies he has the phoniest cry ever,I burst out in laughter when the moment was supposed to be sad. Although this musical has its ups and downs it will certainly make you want to say all you need is love.

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