December 9, 2011
By pajzoab BRONZE, Moundsview, Minnesota
pajzoab BRONZE, Moundsview, Minnesota
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I thought abduction was in there but after watching the movie I really don’t like the movie. The movie is stupid some how for me! I went to watch it just the first part of the movie i just needed to get out of the theater like at that moment, that second but I still manged to stay till the end.

It doesn’t make any sense because Nathan Harper(Taylor L.)has no idea what going on and who is he going to trust. Will maybe Karen (Lily Collins) that is with him after they ran away to go in safety. What i don’t get is why would his dad not let him see his dad face. If you don’t let then you face then why evI thought that Abduction was going to be a really good movie because Taylor Launter en get in contact with him in the first place at all. At that point I wanted to yell at some one because I thought it was a really bad idea and a stupid idea for some reason.
They should of work on some of the acting skills like the making out in the train. Like ewww nasty dude. Lilly has take it to far to the point where SHE LICKS HIS NOSE. OMG! It was so funny for me that I laugh so hard that my stomach hurts. It was really gross for me because he grab her butt. EWWWWW gross. If you are going to do it go do it somewhere else and not in the movie but that was a part of the movie so I can’t do anything about it at all.

Some scene of the movie mad me CRY. It was when his FAKE parent where killed in front of nathan. I felt so bad I felt like crying my eye bald out. That was maybe my best scene that I like but beside that it was lame and stupid and i didn’t get that whole story. They rest of the scene where NAH! The part where they ran into the woods karen got cold she was just standing there not doing anything it’s not going to get you warm. She waited for nathan to get her some blanket for her like she’s a princess. I felt like going in the movie and helping her jump around like jump around so you can get warm instead of just standing there not doing anything at all. I thought she was stupid at that point.

There where some difficulty in the movie. What I don’t get is why did the bad guys want from him. Is it that phone well all I see in the phone is some regular phone with a whole bunch of letter going up and going down the screen. Tell me whats so important about that huh.

Well I guess you can go and watch it if you like but if you do BRING A BUCKET ALONG. Just in case you place for tears or something in the middle of the movie.

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this is toward what i thought of the movie.

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