December 6, 2011
By Anonymous

Walt Disney and Pixar movie productions have created many great movies together in past years. Some of the movies they have created were Finding Nemo, Incredibles, and Up. One of the best ones that they have recently produced is, Wall-E. Wall-E is targeted towards to a younger crowd due to its cuteness, but has important messages along with it. The movie was made this way so the younger crowd would be able to grasp all the messages.
Wall-E is the lovable robot that is living all alone in what could be our Earth if we do not take care of it. Wall-E was programed to clean up all the trash that we humans left. Humans had ruined the planet so bad, that we were not able to live on it any more. Wall-E collects a variety of things, but one of the most important things he finds is this little green leaf. He then goes back with his robot friend Eva to the spaceship where all the humans are now living. The humans that live on board are extremely lazy and are ran by a huge corporation that keeps them alive.
The planet that the humans left behind was utterly trashed. All that was left behind was thousands of pieces of trash. Wall-E is able to construct a miniature city of trash, because that was how much was left behind. The earth had absolutely no green life to it any more. That is why Wall-E and the rest of the characters were in disbelief when Wall-E found the little green leaf. That leaf was crucial to the humans on board because, it was proof that life can once again be supported on earth. It is a warning to everyone in the audience that if we do not take care of how we treat our planet, we could possibly face the same issue. Our planet earth is our home and we need to take care of it. That is what the movie is trying to tell the audience, particularly to the younger generations. The younger generations has to be taught, because they are the future and determine how our planet will become. Walle-E cherishes the little green leaf, and that is how any living thing should be treated, because it is what keeps us alive.

The people on board of the ship are very unproductive, because that is how they have been brought up. The residents are very obese and float around on chairs, and the robots on board do everything for them. The humans depended on the robots to do everything for them, from getting dressed to being fed. The movie is trying to show us that we are becoming very lazy and incompetent. The humans cannot live without technology on a daily basis and that is a representation on how we are also becoming. It is teaching the young audience how being lazy, can seriously affect their health. When a person is lazy and does not do anything, expect eat and sit, it will drastically alter their appearance. That is what happens to the humans on board; since all they do is eat and sit they have become morbidly obese. Lack of exercise and poor diet is a huge problem in our world, especially in the younger crowds. The characters in Wall-E truly show the dangers of our food and lazy habits.
The Big and Large Company that runs everything on the spaceship, is a description of how huge companies are controlling our lives in our real world. Corporations in the world over the years have slowly incorporated their thoughts and beliefs into society. Rather than be through political views or other ideas, corporations tend to have their ideas involved. Just as the Big and Large Company did in Wall-E, if people are loyal towards a corporation and a brand for their whole lives, the customers tend to follow whatever the company’s new ideas are.
Marketing is a very dangerous tool that corporations use to control the lives of people who are customers to their product. For example, if McDonald’s lifelong customers are exposed to a commercial about McDonald’s new chicken salad and how eating this salad will solve their obesity problem, a large majority of their customers will believe this due to their lifelong devotion to McDonalds. As in Wall-E, the Big and Large Corporation has had generations of customers who have lived by their products. As the specific generation reproduces into a new one, the new generation becomes exposed and devoted into the corporations plan. The Big and Large Corporation is no longer a company but a lifestyle changer. Whatever the people upon the ship do, knowing it or not, they are choosing actions according to what Big and Large has previously exposed them to. That is especially true, when it comes to the younger crowds, because they tend to be way more persuade than adults.

Wall-E overall was a very fun and entertaining movie for the viewers. It has a great storyline as well as a moving message throughout the whole story. Just as Pixar and Disney have always done, they provided a wonderful movie for the whole family to watch as well as individual people. The movie had an interesting start to it though because this is one of Pixar’s first movies that the main character did not have a large amount of dialogue involved with the character. It also was one of the first movies that I have seen where the makers of the movie take a stab at an American issue, obesity. The fact that all of the humans in the movie are extremely obese because technology has improved so much that humans did not need to perform anything that would cause them to get out of their chairs.

Wall-E warns us what can happen if we do not take care of our body and planet we will live on. It explains in it a way that people of all ages can understand the dangers of our actions. The movie is of course very light hearted and so precious because the audience falls in love with Wall-E, the robot. The movie should be watched by everyone because it is one of the few movies that still give a clear and positive message. The message is being thrown at the audiences constantly and it is impossible to miss. If we do not make changes fast, we will end up like the characters in Disney Pixar’s, Wall-E.

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