The Wizard of Oz

November 4, 2011
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Movies throughout time have been getting increasingly sophisticated due to enhanced technology and better graphics. However, a lot of these movies wouldn’t be considered “classics.” If C.G. and bigger budgets don’t make movies be remembered, then what does? Well, one movie which has withstood the test of time and has been considered a true classic movie would be The Wizard of Oz. WoO (Wizard of Oz) can be considered a classic because of its graphics, its innovative techniques, and its ability to touch the hearts of millions.

WoO had great graphics for its time. For example, the scenery of the movie was memorable. Munchkin Land was exploding with fantastic imagery and vibrant colors. This set the mood the song and dance around the city. The costumes, as well, really captured the personalities of each of the characters beautifully. Those costumes were amazing for the time period (except for Lion’s). This movie did an amazing job with all the graphics.

The innovative techniques that WoO used also made this movie a classic. The storyline that WoO had could have easily turned to gooey mush if it wasn’t for the originality of the director and crew; for example, other than cartoons, shows and movies didn’t have color, but the crew of WoO discovered how to add color part-way through shooting the film. They used this to their advantage; the movie starts off black and white, then it becomes colorful when Dorothy enters Oz, and switches back to black and white when Dorothy returns home to Kansas. This made this movie a spectacle.

Another way WoO became a classic is because of its ability to touch millions of people’s hearts. One way it achieves this difficult goal is through its songs; the melodies are catchy and it puts you in a specific mood based on what’s happening around the characters. People also tend to sing along with most of the musical numbers. Good casting is also a factor in WoO’s ability to warm hearts. The actors portray their characters very convincingly which is able to have people relate to them. This hard-to-accomplish task of imprinting emotions on the hearts of people was pulled off expertly.

WoO is a great example of a classic movie. Some films go obsolete after a mere few months, but The Wizard of Oz has kept going strong for years after its initial release. Although the sales for WoO have decreased dramatically, it will always be treasured as a timeless classic.

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