Whip It

October 29, 2011

Whip It. The story of Bliss Cavender, a lovable misfit whose mother, a former beauty queen, pushes her to compete in several beauty pageants despite the fact that she clearly shows her lack of interest. Her life suddenly changes when she discovers Roller Derby, a rough contact sport about roller-skating around an oval. She sneaks off to see a match and immediately falls in love with the sport. She aspires to join a team, and practices skating and pushes herself to get better and better, when she gets accepted into the ‘Hurl Scouts,’ a beaten down team that pride themselves on having fun, but always finish bottom of the league, she gets flung into a whirl wind of love, competition, trust, fishnets and new found friends that will change her forever.

The movie, based on the novel ‘Derby Girl’ by Shauna Cross casted Ellen Page as ‘Bliss Cavender’ and she seemed a perfect fit to the role set out for her, the movie, directed by none other than the esteemed Drew Barrymore, a change in perspective as she shares her attention on screen and off for the first time as director. This comedy-drama is inspirational, funny and emotional at the same time and somehow forces you to dream bigger and believe that you can do anything.

This movie shows girls every where, that you don’t have to be what some people want you to be, and that in the end, your life comes down to you. So do whatever makes you happy and take chances, as the only person that will have to go through it in the end, is you.

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