Monte Carlo

October 26, 2011
By LexiLynch BRONZE, Minnetrista, Minnesota
LexiLynch BRONZE, Minnetrista, Minnesota
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Monte Carlo tells the journey of three young women as they make their way through Europe. Grace, played by Selena Gomez, is a newly graduated high school student who has always had a dream of making a trip to Paris. After four long years, as a not-so-popular teenage girl, Grace has finally saved enough money from her diner job to pay for her trip to Paris. Grace and her best friend, 21 year-old Emma, have waited for so long and the trip is rapidly approaching. Graces mom and new step-dad have suddenly decided that the two girls are not capable of making this trip on their own. They force Meg, Graces new stepsister, to join them on the trip. Grace though that her trip was ruined, and she was stuck with her evil stepsister for an entire week. But what could she do, Grace made the best of the situation and tried to enjoy as much as she could. When they arrived in Paris, their tour was not as glamorous as they were expecting. Actually, it was nothing like what they thought they paid for. Not to be unexpected, they were left behind by the tour bus and had to find their way in Paris at night and in the rain. To get coverage from the rain, the soaking wet girls ran into a five star hotel. Immediately, Grace was mistaken for one of the world’s most wealthy heiress, Cordelia. For the next week they lived Cordelia’s life as she was off jet setting. This is a movie about three girls finding their way in life and making friendships that will last forever. Monte Carlo leaches its audience about the importance of honesty and the importance of living spontaneously.

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