Dumb and Dumber

October 26, 2011
By pinkalicious BRONZE, Chanhassen, Minnesota
pinkalicious BRONZE, Chanhassen, Minnesota
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“You’re telling me there’s a chance,” says Lloyd Christmas in New Line Cinema’s Dumb and Dumber. Absolutely. I’m telling you there’s a chance that this movie is amazing and timeless. While this movie came out in 1994, it is still a must-see for everyone over the age of ten.

Jim Carrey (Ace Ventura, Pet Detective) and Jeff Daniels star in this hilarious movie about Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne. These two are both funny guys outside of this film, but they come together perfectly in this movie. These two guys don’t really have jobs because they’ve both been fired. They find a girl’s briefcase when taking her to the airport. While attempting to return the briefcase in Aspen they realize that it is full of money. They begin their spending spree, replacing the money in the briefcase with IOU notes. Lloyd falls in love with a girl whose husband has just been let out of jail. Additionally, a guy is after them trying to steal the whole briefcase full of money. The movie continues on despite odd twists and turns to keep the audience guessing, but all throughout there are plenty of laughs to keep everybody watching.
The ending scene is Lloyd and Harry walking on the side of the road when a bus full of bikini-clad women pulls over and asks for two guys to help them, and Lloyd and Harry allow the bus to go by wishing the ladies luck. Watching the bus of beautiful women pull away is further proof that these two guys are idiots.

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