The Great Debaters

September 29, 2011
By Emmiegurl97 BRONZE, Frenchburg, Kentucky
Emmiegurl97 BRONZE, Frenchburg, Kentucky
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The movie The Great Debaters is a very inspirational movie that shows what one can do when they try hard enough to succeed. This story helps you realize how are world treats people who our different races, in my opinion everyone should watch this movie!

The Great Debaters is a wonderful movie directed by Denzel Washington,this movie is manly about black people and there rights. It takes place in Marshall Texas in 1935, starring the characters Samantha Book, Henry Lowe, James Farmer, and Mr. Tolson. Samantha, James, and Henry go to collage at little Wiley College were Mr. Tolson is a professor. Mr. Tolson believes that the black farmers and the poor white farmers should have the same rights as the rich white farmers, this will soon get him in trouble during this movie. There are many tragic things that happen in this movie, at one point Mr. Tolson and his debate team are driving when they witness a black male being lynched, this causes them to be emotional and not win there debate, which changes there record of being undefeated to defeated. In the end Wiley College debate team goes up against a top school called Harvard University!

I very much enjoyed this movie, and could watch it a billion times and still not get tired of it! No one really understands what blacks go through, but this movie shows it so clearly. Its a very emotional movie that will make lots of people want to cry when there watching it. In my own opinion if I had to rate this movie on a scale of 1-10 i would give it a 10 because it has such a great story to it! So if you ever have a chance to watch this movie take it don't pass it up!

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What inspired me to write this review is the great story in this movie! I though more people should watch it and see what some people go through.

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