Blood and Chocolate

September 26, 2011
Blood and Chocolate: Vivian’s life story

Director: Katja Von Garnier
Producer(s): Richard S. Wright

Tom Rosenberg

Gary Lucchessi

Hawk Kooch

Daniel Bobker

Wolfgang Esenwein
Starring: Agnes Bruckner

Oliver Martinez

Hugh Dancy

Bryan Dick
Running Time: 1 hour, 38 minutes
Movie Release Date: January 26th 2007
Genre(s): Fantasy




Some people have two lives. The one they show the world, and the one that was never meant to be seen. Vivian is one of the people that live the second life.

As a young girl living in the remote mountains of Colorado, Vivian (Agnes Bruckner) watched helplessly as her family was murdered by a pack of angry men for the secret that they carried in their blood. Vivian survived the attack; running into the woods and changing into a wolf.

Ten years later, Vivian is living a pretty safe and normal life in Bucharest, Romania. She spends her days working in a chocolate shop with her aunt. And nights fending off the reckless antics of her cousin Rafe (Bryan Dick). Chocolate by day and blood by night. Blood and Chocolate.

But then Vivian’s life begins to unravel when she meets Aiden (Hugh Dancy), an artist researching Bucharest’ ancient art and relics for his next novel. Aiden is interested in Vivian and tries to talk to her but Vivian is stubborn and won’t let him near. But she soon gives in and begins to meet with him. But she can’t bring herself to tell him the truth about herself – and lives in fear of showing him who she really is.

And even though Vivian has sworn never to kill, she is as much animal as she is human, and her love for Aiden threatens to cast him to the very wolves who saved her life and who are now waiting for their chance to hunt him as prey. Now Vivian must make a choice to either follow her heart, or stay faithful to her family.

Blood and Chocolate is based on the book by Annette Curtis Klause. I myself have not read the book, so therefore I cannot compare it to the movie. But I can tell you that from the producers of Underworld and The Coveant, Blood and Chocolate, is a very thrilling and exciting movie. Jeffrey Lyons from NBC’s “Reel Talk” calls it “A scary thriller . . . you can sink your teeth into” It kept my attention throughout every minute of it.

Since Blood and Chocolate is a movie of many genres, just about anyone can watch it. Werewolves for the fantasy lovers. A love story for the romance people out there. And bloody gore for the action and horror lovers. But in the end, I think it all comes down to this – Blood and Chocolate is a must-see movie for everyone.

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hannahbanana101 said...
Oct. 27, 2011 at 1:24 pm
I really liked this review. This sounds kind of like Twilight to be really honest. It's not like I'm against Twilight either. It's just the whole werewolves/ vampires falling in love with a human is getting a little old.
cefluvr43vr replied...
Oct. 31, 2011 at 1:05 pm
thanks :) and ik wut u mean i wish someone would come out with something new 
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