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September 1, 2011
By Rebecca Jenkins BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Rebecca Jenkins BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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This new adaptation of the classic tale features everything an audience wants but little of what they might expect. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, known for “Thirteen” and “Twilight,” this film is about Valerie (Amanda Seyfried), torn between her love for orphaned woodcutter Peter (Shiloh Fernandez) and her obligation to marry Henry (Max Irons). Valerie is planning to run away with Peter to escape her arranged marriage when her sister is killed. Peter and the townsmen go on a blood-thirsty hunt for the wolf they believe is responsible.

The townspeople's fear and desperation to stop the killings is heightened by Solomon (Gary Oldman), a priest whose methods of catching and killing the wolf result in more drama. He convinces the others that the wolf is among them, driving them mad with suspicions of best friends, family members, and neighbors.

To complete the twisted plot, the film incorporates the timeless question, who's afraid of the big, bad wolf? and leaves the audience wondering, who is the big, bad wolf? This plot is too crowded to even consider answering those questions, but Hardwicke manages to weave them all into an intriguing and immensely satisfying movie.

“Red Riding Hood” is a welcome new take on the old familiar tale that grabs the audience's attention from the opening scene to the final credits. This movie will draw in all viewers with its irresistible combination of terror, romance, and suspense.

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Canine666 said...
on Oct. 25 2011 at 2:36 pm
That's what keeps the movie engaging.  Twisted plots that don't make sense till the end always make the most impact on the audience.

Canine666 said...
on Oct. 25 2011 at 2:35 pm
Well written.  Thank you for not giving away too much of the movie.

on Oct. 11 2011 at 7:05 am
cleo1311 BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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Very well written, but you described what the beginning of the movie was all about too long is how I felt but other than that you did good!

Mad13658 GOLD said...
on Sep. 13 2011 at 9:55 pm
Mad13658 GOLD, Glen Rock, Pennsylvania
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I personally hated the movie the plot was cluttered and it took forever to get to the point, when I saw it all I could think was is it over yet. The review was well written, but I didn't agree with your oppinion.

on Sep. 5 2011 at 12:13 pm
Faerie-Dreams BRONZE, Sheffield, Other
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A great review :) I myself have seen this film at the cinema and I enjoyed it.

on Sep. 3 2011 at 1:36 am
callie15 BRONZE, North Plains, Oregon
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I really want to see this! One of my friends says it's great, and the plot sounds cool. By any chance, do you know if the book they have out for this same plot came before the movie or after the movie? Just curious...

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