Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 2

July 21, 2011
By , Sebastian, FL
As the last potter movie started fans roared in excitement and Laughter!, Yes, Laughter!, As i watched the last harry potter movie was thrilled with excitement and sadness because i knew at the end of the movie its the last time to see harry and the others again, there where many parts of the movie the liked; like when longbottom said "hey wheres your army now!" and when voldemort broke the shield or hex as they call it the army stepped one toe forward and then longbottom stood still for a moment then ran and almost got killed! and when he pulled the sword of grfyfendor out of the sorting hat and then was blasted over 100 feet away into the castle aka Hogwarts! I all so was please to see harry resurrected from the dead to kick voldemorts butt! Then the weaslys mother said to one of voldemorts highly ranked followers to stay away from here daughter and the begun to fight then the mother turned her to stone and blew her up into uh into about A Million pieces! surely i would never wont to mess with her!
and once the magic of harry potter layed to rest parts of the audience cried tears where tears shed more then a phoenix but i thought there could be more to the story like what happened to the malfoy family? If there could be more stories of the groups kids going to Hogwarts? but over all i rate this wizardry fantasy comedy five out of five wands up!

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