Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

July 20, 2011
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Action. Drama. Romance. Battles. Friendship. The end of an era, yet the beginning of a legend. As you can tell, I recently viewed The Deathly Hallows Part Two. And if you asked me to summarize my thoughts in a simple statement, I would say, in the words of our old friend Ronald Weasley “Bloody Brilliant”.
In a way, I didn’t even want to see the movie. It felt like admitting it was over, and after a long journey along side Harry, I don’t think any of us wanted it to end. But, my want to see it won over, finally and I watched the very end on 19th July 2011.

To put to word what I felt while watching this film seems like impossibility, but I will try. This movie made me cry. This means a lot, since I never cry at movies. I will say, unashamedly that I cried for the entire second half. That’s a whole freaking hour. It was quiet tears, slipping down my face but then, when I saw Fred on that stretcher, I lost it. The Prince’s Tale did it for me too. And seeing Dumbledore as well. Just, tears. I also cried with joy at different parts, I was just incredibly over emotional. And revisiting The Kings Cross during the epilogue gave me a bitter sense of nostalgia. Knowing that this is the place we first saw them together, and this is the last place we will see them together. This film sufficiently made me feel a deeply rooted loss. Those characters dying were like family members dying. Because that’s what the characters were family and friends. And loosing their presence as well, knowing that this was the last one. But, they were always there for us; they were there until the end.

Leaving that place for now, on the actor’s performance. Alan Rickman was a standout- he acted beautifully. Made me heave deep sobs, oh, it was wonderful. I had no idea a man could display so many emotions at once. And Emma Watson did brilliantly as well, one point that stood out to me was just after the kiss. They pull away and Hermione has so many unexplainable emotions on her face, it’s heart breaking.

One bit I absolutely adored- when Hermione pollyjuices into Bellatrix. Helena Bonham-Carter is to date one of my favourite actors and it was amazing. She was perfect- just like Hermione. It was actually rumoured that Helena invited Emma Watson over to talk to her about how Hermione would deliver the lines. Lovely. Another favourite character was Neville. It would be lying to say that I don’t have a crush on him now. But in all seriousness, Matthew Lewis gave a stunning performance; I really loved how Neville became more of a hero this time round, and I feel like Matt Lewis stepped up to the plate for that. And as always, I love Evanna Lynch, she’s absolutely gorgeous, and such a great actress, actually I don’t even think she’s acting. In the words of David Heyman “Evanna doesn’t play Luna, she is Luna.” So incredibly true.

The film was absolutely amazing. I am so proud to be a Harry Potter fan now, especially since it got it’s record breaking opening night, that it definitely deserved. There is nothing much else to say, it’s over, we had a good run, and I can’t wait to read these to my children. And finally, some Potter fans may wonder, years from now, was all this magic imaginary, was this all in my head? But it something to take note of, the words from the wise old man we have all come to respect, “Of course it’s happening in your head. Why should that mean it’s not real?”

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Jacob44 said...
Aug. 3, 2011 at 10:28 am
The saddest scene was when Severus died, he was always my favorite character in the books.
katieissonerdylike replied...
Aug. 14, 2011 at 7:54 pm
Me to!! Some people still don't like Snape, but he is one nof the bravest men I ever knew. :P 
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