Transformers 3- Dark of the Moon

July 15, 2011
The transformers series has been a very successful movie trilogy. Visually stunning, the movies have grabbed a lot of people's attention because of the special effects and unique concept of the transforming aliens.

The first Transformers movie, I feel, was the best. Even though the movie did not have nearly as great of special effects as "Transformers 3- Dark of the Moon" did, I feel that the storyline and plot of the movie was what made it great. The story is the essence of a film, and the special effects are only a bonus.

Transformers 3, was a visually stunning movie. I am personally a fan for the intense action scenes, which this movie had some really good action in it. However, the action can only be fully appreciated, if it truly supports the story.

In reflecting on Transformers 3, after watching the midnight showing, I was feeling more and more let down the more I thought about it. There seemed to be many inconsistencies with the storyline, which just peeved me.

Some of the inconsistencies I found, seemed more as just a silly, rushed mistake than anything major. In the first Transformers movie, when you first see Megatron, he is huge. He is frozen in a large room, and looks gigantic compared to all of the workers surrounding him. In "Transformers 3- Dark of the Moon," at the end when you see Megatron sitting next to the new girlfriend role, played by Rosie Huntington-Whitely, he looks much smaller then he did in the first. It seems that he could almost compare to how big bumblebee was. This seemed like a very sloppy inconsistency with the first movie.

Another thing that I found as just being a little strange with the movie, was when the primary antagonist, Sentinel Prime, who ended up betraying the autobots, killed Ironhide. When he killed Ironhide, he used some sort of weapon that seemed to disintegrate Ironhide with one single shot. If he had the capability to kill an autobot with a single shot, why did he stop using that weapon for the rest of the movie? You never once saw that gun being shot by Sentinel Prime again, through out the rest of the movie. One would think that if someone had the power to take out a transformer with a single shot, they would continue to use that weapon.

The last problem I had with this movie, was the epic, climactic experience they showed in the trailers, that never came. The movie could have become so epic, in many different scenes, but they didn't. I like when movies show people you get attached to, die. I am not a horrible person who likes death, its the movies that give you emotional responses, good or bad, that I feel are the good movies. There are a few instances where they could have killed off a main character, in a very epic way, but they didn't. I will give one example. When Bumblebee and some of the others are captured, the Decepticons get to a point where they are just going to shoot them. Sam Witwiki is there to see it happen. The Decepticons grab Bumblebee, about to kill him, and Bumblebee says his last words, setting the scene for the biggest emotional response you could have gotten from the movie, and then bumblebee gets saved, just in time, as every other good person in the movies seem to get saved just in time.

As far as epic endings go, this movie did not meet that standard. It seemed to just trickle off, without any build up, or bang. It just ended, and I find that to be a very weak way to end for the third movie, and probably the last Transformers movie made.

The movie, "Transformers 3- Dark of the Moon," was a movie that I will go see again. I did enjoy the movie for its special effects and fighting scenes, but as far as storyline goes, which I feel is the most important part of a movie, it just didn't make the cut.

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