Wrist Cutters - A Love Story

July 14, 2011
By RebeccaJ BRONZE, Paisley, Other
RebeccaJ BRONZE, Paisley, Other
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'What You See Is Not What You Get'

Wrist cutters, makes us think despair sadness and anger. But Love story, really twists our view upon this movie as it is most definitely...different. The movie is an adaptation of Etgar Keret's dark comic series Kneller's Happy Campers by director Goran Dukic's, and is apparent that Dukic has kept that dark, sort of indie feel to the movie as the comic had. At First glance, the movie seems really retro, nothing to explosive, but as I mentioned above different. By different i mean giving the audience a feeling and atmosphere during the screenplay that we can’t quite put our finger upon. Big Con of the movie at first glance is the very boring and non gripping start which nearly made me just turn the off switch...Lucky I gave this a second chance.

The movie begins with Patrick Fugit who plays our main character Zia, my first impressions of him were bland, which I can understand at first...yeah he killed himself but he’s a main character he has to attempt to grab our attention and pull us into the plot. This guy was so boring I’m sure I never seen his face change expression. Anyway, after Zia gets up and cleans his whole house, he enters the bathroom and slits his wrists letting us viewers enter the plot (this is probably the only time he does this or one of the few) He ends up in a world with everyone who has took their own lives. When our main character is explaining his new life to us the world seems to have no life, all just despaired and miserable. Where it’s not even possible to smile. This made me sit back and really think wow, could I even imagine that? Well, I could but would never endure it which allows Zia to have my greatest sympathy (which is hard at times).

Fugit then meets a Russian guy at the bar called Eugene played by Shia Whigham. After the long sob story from Zia that he misses his girlfriend, who has apparently killed herself too! He drags him to search for her. I do understand that travelling is a main component in the movie but at times it was a little too boring. The only memorable, somewhat exciting things that happened was the girl hitchhiking, who is Mikal played by Shannyn Sossamon – she plays quite a big part in this story as the ‘Love Interest’. The other is a hole underneath the passenger seat that apparently...nothing comes out of.

I especially like what the movie is trying to do, but its storyline doesn’t kick in until the end but fortunately the characters are more...enlightened, well most of them anyway. The main character doesn’t do much as I said earlier but when he speaks he gives us a deep insight into what he thinks. Eugene we see as a man close to his family loves his beer and his women. What we see is what we get with Eugene to be honest. Mikal is a little stranger, she keeps asking for the people in charge and insists that she is here by mistake.
The 3 characters then meet a man sleeping in the middle of the road( apparently looking for his son) who takes then to a camp, where ‘King’ will a perform a ritual to come back to the normal world. This is where our main character meets his girlfriend again. At this point Zia, doesn’t seem interested her, and won’t stop looking at Mikal as they have drawn real close during their travels.

As King is performing his ritual, people in white, known as the people in charge show up and evacuate everyone from the camp. Mikal’s story of being here by mistake turns out to be true and has to be transferred back to the real world. Now knowing this and his friend Eugene moving to Alaska with anew love he says his good bye’s and gets back into his car to travel...yes because we need more of that! Anyway he remembers the hole in the car, which he climbs into and wakes up in a hospital next to Mikal, which was the recurring dream he has been having.

Lastly, the actual acting in this film is pretty bland and could have been done so much better, I’m not saying yes use some A-list stars, but actors who can show emotion and not look like they are just reading lines off a screen most of the time. The Plot is attention grabbing at times, but we can’t have a moody plot that just does as its told when it feels like it, but on the other hand the story did have a great twist which did give me satisfaction at the end. But the whole idea of the story is a good one, so give it a watch, you don’t need to believe my opinions, hell you probably already disagree with me. Thanks for reading again.

The author's comments:
I watched this film when i was bored and immediately have real strong opinions about the films pros and cons.

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