Bad Teacher

June 24, 2011
By writerMary GOLD, Plainfield, New Jersey
writerMary GOLD, Plainfield, New Jersey
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"How bad was Bad Teacher, let thee count the ways?" I would have loved to start this review with that quote but sadly I can't because in truth there was nothing bad about the movie Bad Teacher. Instead, Bad Teacher was a good and hilarious movie.

If you've paid attention to the commercials and the title of the movie then you would know that this movie is about a bad teacher played by the amazing Cameron Diaz. Diaz's character (Elizabeth) is just a teacher who could care less about her students, she doesn’t give a crap. She drinks, curses, steals and hits them with balls. Her main goal in life is to get some rich guy to wait on her hand and foot. She's a teacher for all the wrong reasons and she seriously needs to pick a different profession. "Any profession!" But even though Elizabeth is cruel throughout the whole movie, you’ll get to see a little and short lives soft side of her.

Diaz is joined by a fun and hilarious cast that includes, my favorite How I Met Your Mother actor, Jason Segal, Justin Timberlake and Lucy Punch amongst others. Together these actors brought on the funny on and will have you dying of laughter ever second. This movie came right on time with school ending and summer beginning. It will surely give you a different look at your teacher and you’ll come out thinking to yourself, “I wonder if my teacher smokes weed and pees himself/herself! Bad Teacher was not bad at all.

The author's comments:
Very funny movie :)

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