The Ghost Writer

June 23, 2011
The Ghost Writer is an intriguing movie that leaves you guessing even after you watch it. The movie title refers to its protagonist, and unnamed ghost writer. This ghost writer has to write a memoir about former British Prime Minister Adam Lang. He is hired to replace another ghost writer, who had mysteriously drowned.

As he sets to work, Lang is being accused of illegally torturing terrorists. This creates a whole over-blown media scandal, which is the backdrop of the film. The ghost writer starts to wonder what happened to his predecessor, and as he investigates further, he is drawn to the man accusing Lang, a man called Rycart.

If I say more, I’ll give away the whole story, and that’s no fun. I’ll just say this, the ending surprised me. A lot. If you don’t want to watch because of the plot, then watch it for the cinematography. It’s excellent, and whoever did it should have won an Oscar. And if you get scared silly, this one won’t haunt you in your dreams. Promise.

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