Super 8

June 19, 2011
If you could imagine a movie with the names Spielberg and Abrams on it, Super 8 would be it. This movie is the perfect blend of innocence and alien. Abrams tells a story of several kids filming a movie using a camera with super 8 film. While filming their movie, they witness a train crash. Suddenly everything changes, things start disappearing in their town, dogs are running away, and people are unaccounted for. The kids get involved seeing a connection between the train crash and the events.

An iconic aspect of Spielberg films, the kids’ innocence as opposed to the adults’ corrupt thinking is an underlying theme. This makes the movie hold heavily on the performances of several young actors. A risky choice that ultimately paid off, the kids of the movie provide depth to characters better than many adult actors can, with an innocence only a child’s perspective could provide.

Technically the movie does not fail to succeed. Cinematography reminiscent of older films and a unique lighting attempt add to the time period and the story. The special effects were not far from perfect, the alien was shown more through his actions than his actual self, but was completely revealed in the end and appeared as real as if he were standing before you.

The movie showed a wide range of emotions, from love, to a little bit of horror, to a strong message about a need for compassion and understanding, Super 8 is the film to see this summer, Spielberg and Abrams are cinematic heroes.

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