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June 14, 2011
By writerMary GOLD, Plainfield, New Jersey
writerMary GOLD, Plainfield, New Jersey
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When you hear the name J.J Abrams you think what, screenplay genius? What about the name Steven Spielberg, maybe action mastermind? Well this is absolutely true; Abrams and Spielberg are one of the best in their fields. Every project they’ve ever made from Spielberg’s “E.T” to Abrams many television series including the unforgettable “Lost” and the amazing “Fringe” have all been huge success in one way or the other. And when they finally came together, the perfection of Super 8 was created.

Super 8 came out June 10, 2011. Even though both Abrams and Spielberg helped with the storytelling, it was written and directed by Abrams and produced by Spielberg. Now I’m not going to write any spoilers because that would devastate the movie for anybody interested but I’ll give you a little overview. The film follows a group of kids as they try to make their own movie about zombies. During one of their secret night filming they become witness to a train crash which allows for the mysterious thing inside to escape. This shouldn’t be a surprise; if you’ve seen the commercial or have heard anything about Super 8 then you know that this “mysterious thing” is either an alien, a monster or some freak thing.

The best thing about Super 8 is the child actors in it. They did a great job of bringing a sense of realness to this movie. You’ll find yourself routing for these kids, from the ones falling in love to the one who keeps wanting to light stuff on fire. They make some actual grow, experience, adult actors look like amateurs.

I would more than highly recommend this movie. Whether you love comedy or romance, action or adventure, horror or mystery this movie has it all. You wouldn’t be disappointed, in fact you’ll walk out the movie theater crying and shaking at the same time (at least that’s what happened to me). You’ll be at the edge of your seat when things get too intense, laughing when someone pukes badly, jumping when the alien pops out of nowhere and feel a little tear in your eye when two characters make amends. And the best part of this movie, the most amazing thing comes at the end. Now again I’m not going to spoil it but this last moment, those last seconds of the movie is equivalent to the scene in Titanic where Leo helped Kate’s character fly on the deck on the ship. Yes, it’s pure genius and will make your heart leap.

I’m not only going to see it again in theaters but I’ll rent it on red box, buy it on DVD and even read the script (if I can find it). I wouldn’t be surprised if it wins some major award (probably for best directing or special effects) because Super 8 is super great.

The author's comments:
I just saw this movie and it was unforgettable. My new favorite movie and I want everyone to know why. Just hope its not too long for you to read and rate

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