Water for Elephants/National Treasure

June 1, 2011
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Some think that the magic happens in a magic show, in the presence of a magician wearing a black and white, tailored suit, holding a soft, white, furry bunny. But, the real magic occurs in a movie theater. It occurs in the presence of the actors and actresses. An intricate relationship is sculpted between a multitude of characters that are exposed to the audience. I often long for the kind of excitement that I see in the movies. All movies, even the movies that are based off of true stories seem unattainable in real life because of obstacles, or conflicts that seem to disappear in movies. These obstacles, or conflicts include but are not limited to money, time, realism and motivation. Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing the movie “Water for Elephants,” a wonderful film, which accurately displayed such lack of realism, when the main character, Jacob, played by Robert Pattinson, drops out of veterinarian school after his parents are killed in a car accident. He then proceeds to jump onto a train that just so happens to be occupied by the Benzini Brothers Circus. Also, lack of realism is displayed in another one of my favorite films, “National Treasure.” It is highly unlikely that Ben Gates, or anybody for that matter, would be able to steel the Declaration of Independence and The President’s Secret Book. But, for those reasons, I love movies. For that hour and a half of your life that you are surrendering, the writer will ensure that things that you thought were impossible are made possible.

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