Jones to the Rescue

June 1, 2011
By Anonymous

The film Indiana Jones: Raiders of The Lost Ark, features an adventure, action and romance all in one. Harrison Ford, who plays Indiana Jones, portrays a college professor, but becomes the adventurous archaeologist that helps fight the third Reich. During the film, Jones had to retrieve the “Lost Ark.” While doing this he had met up with his old friend Marion that he used to have a romance history with. She was living in Nepal, running a tavern. Marion had a medallion hidden there that was needed to find the covenant. She tagged along with Jones in the search to find this ancient Hebrew covenant that “spoke to god.”

There are many memorable moments from the film, two scenes that stand out is the fight scene in the bar, and when the Nazi’s opened the Ark. The bar scene used lively effects with fire and shootings. The Nazi men came in with guns and weapons that were definitely deathly and scary. There was spark of fire flamed that created a fire that grew larger because of the pour of alcohol. The camera angles showed the flaming fire well.
Jones did find the Ark but Belloq and his Nazis had taken it from them. When they opened the Ark they were all killed because they had been selfish, and greedy. They weren’t supposed to open it. Each person that was looking at the Ark when this happened was melted to death. Jones knew that he was not supposed to look at it from his previous studies. The Ark was then locked away because it was known to be more powerful then thought. In the Ark opening scene, the directors produced “spirits” that were portrayed as good, but instantly turned evil and killed the bad guys. This was interesting because it was the first time a film had done graphic effects like these

Spielberg never disappoints and this could be marked as one of his best. It won four Oscars along with others such as the Saturn award. This is a film I recommend for 10 years and older to watch. Young boys also may like it because of the adventure it portrays. This film is perfect for any event, such us a date, family movie night, or even just plans with friends.

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Indiana Jones: Raiders of The Lost Ark

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