Rio Movie Review

May 23, 2011
By Anonymous

From the makers of the movie Ice Age comes a comedy adventure called Rio. This movie is all about taking a walk on the “wild side” and trying to accomplish new things and overcoming obstacles. This plot was very predictable and somewhat obvious. Blu, the main character, was kidnapped when he was but a baby and found by a small girl. Blu became domesticated and never learned how to fly. The pair begins to think that he’s the last of his kind, but learn that there is a female Blue Macaw in Brazil. The choice is fairly obvious and they move to Brazil. What feels like minutes after they arrive, the birds are kidnapped again and escape, and the two birds are chained by the feet. They hate it at first but as they try and find ways to get the chains off they start to like each other more and more. This again is obvious and a pattern in most Disney movies, but never-the-less the pair get the chains off and head their separate ways, that is until Blu hears Jewel is taken again and runs to try and save her. The ending is predictable, but Blu heroically saves Jewel and learns to fly before falling into the ocean with Jewel. This, obviously, makes Jewel fall in love for Blu and at the very end start singing with their baby birds, who also know how to fly. This movie had a plot similar to most Disney movies, but was still cute and entertaining. I would recommend seeing Rio, but only with children, and definitely not a date movie. Rio would get a four star out of five star rating.

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