(500) Days of Summer

May 22, 2011
By Natalie Powell BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
Natalie Powell BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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“This is not a love story.” We are told this at the beginning of the movie, and yet by the end, we are still yearning for the typical, cliché love movie ending. For a happily ever after. We have to realize in the end that it was merely a story about love.

It begins with Tom Hansen, an aspiring architect who, coincidently, writes greeting cards. He then meets his dream girl. You can practically see the fireworks and hear the fanfare upon their first meeting. One look and it’s official, he is in love with Summer Finn.

At first, Tom just watches her from afar, but tries everything he can think of to make her notice him. Then one glorious day, they speak. He believes he has finally found “the one.” She tells him up front that she does not want anything serious. She goes on to tell him that she doesn’t believe in love, or anything to do with it. But he doesn’t give up. They end up dating and everything seems perfect.

Then the unexpected, dreadful day comes. Summer breaks up with Tom. But, they meet on a train on their way to a wedding of a mutual friend where the rekindle their love. She then invites him to her apartment for a party, where he thinks they will end up being together in the end. But unbeknown to him, he was going to find out some plot twisting information.

All in all, this movie is a realistic masterpiece. Most every movie today is predicable or has already been made, but just has different characters and a different setting. Unlike every other movie, (500) Days of Summer shows a real life relationship. It shows the ups and the downs. The tears and the laughs. And how quickly people’s feelings can change. And how devastating a heart break truly is.

The entire movie switches from day to day. One minute it shows a day in the 100’s, then back to a single digit, then to the 200’s, then back to the teens which contrasts their feelings for each other. Which I think is completely brilliant. But, if you don’t see the day, the entire scene gets confusing which is one of the downfalls.

This movie is definitely worth watching. It has suspense, comedy, love, and an unexpected ending which some people love, and others hate. I personally think it makes the movie more relatable and real. It shows us that although not everything in life works out, there’s always something else out there.

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