I Am Number Four

May 21, 2011

Who would not want to meet an alien if that alien is as cool as John Smith ,(Alex Petttyfer) from the movie “I am Number Four”? Being the fourth target, the orphaned John winds up on earth with his guardian and mentor after three of his kind including his parents, were killed by their enemies. He is trapped in a hide-and-seek game that would only end if he is completely exterminated by his enemies or he kills every last one of them.

If you’re into action, sci-fi adventure and aliens then this movie should be on your watch list. It has a good plot and an intriguing title armed with explosive action scenes, cool gadgets, shark-like villains and a handsome lead character; who would not dare watch this kind of movie? At first it may look like a typical story of an orphaned teenage boy but as the movie progresses you’ll realize there’s something more to it than just that. With a lot of wild goose chase and combat scenes you’ll realize you have been hooked up to it. And before you know it, the movie has ended and you’ll be craving for more.

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