Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

May 18, 2011
By Anonymous

An adventure film catches most people’s eyes. A fight for treasure, a fight for survival, a fight to change history. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, withholds all of these mouth droppers in one. A combination of love, laughter, and liveliness pulled in four Oscars, two Saturn Awards, and one Grammy Award. The film Indiana Jones (played by Harrison Ford), a common college professor, takes on a journey that puts him in a vigorous race against the Nazi’s to gain possession of the lost ark which contains unlimited power. As the red line dashed to Nepal on the infamous map, Jones gained his partner in crime, Marion, who is played by Karen Allen. Together they travel to defend their lives and also to keep the ark safe. In a series of near-death experiences, both hold their dignity and show great courage.
The plot begins as a fight with the Nazis started it triggered the race for the lost ark, in Nepal, when the tavern that Marion works at went into flames as a reaction to the brawl occurring. The Nazis, who are after the ark as well as Jones, tried to terminate the lives of Indiana and Marion. Yet, the majority of them got defeated when the duo used their incredible fighting skills to defeat the Nazis. As Jones and Marion were being attacked by the fire as well as the Nazis, they physically beat up each one of them one at a time. With the tavern on fire, Marion and Jones escaped. After Nepal, they set off to Cairo where they interpreted the medallion. Jones got a chance to see the map room. As well as this exhilarating scene, the adventurous duo continued to fight the powerful Nazis on sea. After a nice, relaxing sleep on the ship they were aboard, the two were awoken by loud noises. When the Nazis arrive on their own submarine, they come straight for Jones and Marion on their ship. With Marion captured, Jones escapes the ship and winds up on the enemy’s submarine. However, the Nazis insure Belloq that Indiana Jones is indeed dead; but boy were they wrong.
In general, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark is a timeless movie. A pure action film will never get old. Indiana Jones, an iconic hero, will always be the legendary fighter that we all know and love. Steven Speilberg’s work of art has become a film that man-kind will never forget.

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