Raiders of the Lost Ark

May 18, 2011
By Anonymous

When supernatural and adventure are mixed together you are almost guaranteed a good movie. Raiders of the Lost Ark captures fantasy and adventure in a way that was unheard of in the 1980s. With many scenes that are now well known and recognized Raiders of the Lost Ark introduced new film ideas and created a captivating movie. With an overall plot set in the late 1930s the directors were able to use a great variety of scenery to set the feel of the movie.

Harrison Ford plays Indiana Jones, an archeologist and a professor. Throughout the movie Indiana is shown jet-setting across the world in search for the Ark of the Covenant, which contains the ten commandments and is said to hold ultimate power. Indiana is sent on this mission because the Nazis are also trying to find the ark.

In one of the first scenes of the movie Indiana and a team of Nazis both show up at a tavern run by Marrion who is played by Karen Allen. Both the Nazis and Indiana are in search for a medallion containing the information regarding how to find the Ark. At the tavern there is a big fight which ends with a fire and the inscription of one side of the medallion being burnt into one of the Nazi’s hand. Indiana and Marianne decide to work together and they contain the real medallion.

Eventually at the excavation site in Cairo, Marrion is captured by the Nazis. The main Nazi archeologist Dr. Belloq has a dinner with Marrion where she challenges him to a drinking competition. Marianne has an incredible tolerance for alcohol and pretends to be drunk as Dr.Belloq actually becomes drunk. Unfortunately her idea of getting him and drunk and escaping is not fulfilled and she remains in Nazi custody.

Using multiple locations the directors were able to stimulate events so that they made sense. The progression of events was purposely put in a climactic order which allowed for the scenes to flow smoothly. Although the movie flowed smoothly some of the scenes were a little slow. There would be a really fast exciting scene and then suddenly a very slow scene. Even though this happened only once or twice in the entire movie it still took away some excitement from what could have been more climatic scenes.

Overall the movie was very good and I hope to watch more movies in the series. The ending definitely allowed for future plots to be developed, allowing for movies beside those in the original trilogy to be developed. Because of how good the movie is, it is known internationally and has won numerous awards. I would recommend that everyone see this movie with friends or family. It is a good rainy day movie with a bag of popcorn.

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