Eagle Eye

May 13, 2011

When you’re driving down the road singing along to the radio, do you ever stop and think, “I wonder if anyone is watching?” Well, there possibly could be. Throughout the movie Eagle Eye, there are many examples on how we are being watched every second of everyday. Our government is becoming more and more like the novel, 1984, George Orwell. He talked about how Big Brother can see everything and control everything. Our government would be most compared to Big Brother.

The government is always coming up with new technological devices every day. They have created cellular phones that can do just about everything. They have built in GPS, camera and video camera, internet, and many more apps. The GPS alone has evolved so much in the last few years. They are built into phones, vehicles, and other electrical devices. Computers and other software items have evolved also. They have become “Smart”.

All of the above technological devices were used in the plot of Eagle Eye. ARIIA, which stands for “Autonomous Reconnaissance Intelligence Integration Analyst”, uses these devices to keep track of Jerry and Rachel. She also uses them to control there every move and make sure they get away from the cops and everyone else that is after them. She can control street lights, machinery, electrical locks on doors and security cameras.

The government now thinks that it is absolutely necessary to have a camera just about everywhere. They have them built into ATM machines, on top of street and stop lights, schools, malls, gas stations, and any other business or store people visit. They think they need to keep an eye on everyone at all times. Its good to have them but sometimes they get a little extreme.

The cameras used in the movie helped ARIIA keep an eye on Jerry and Rachel. She uses the cameras against them, as well as erasing footage to help them out. The fact that the government has the cameras everywhere was used against their initial intentions.

There are many strengths to this movie in my opinion. One is that it keeps you on your toes throughout the whole movie. It has very many visual techniques they use also. In some parts of the movie, they show you the world through a security camera. I think that was a good effect to use so you could feel like you were the computer. They also use a lot of gun shooting and explosions as effects.

When watching the movie, a weakness some people might think is that it creeps you out. What I mean by this is that when I watched it, it made me feel like I am always being watched. I like having my privacy and in this movie, no one has privacy. ARIIA always is watching the people. Audience members might think that this is really happening and result to them feeling watched and uneasy after. This is just an opinionated thought that I had about this movie though.

Throughout Eagle Eye, there are many demonstrations on how the government has gone crazy trying to keep an eye out for everyone. Even though 1984 has pasted, I think that what George Orwell was trying to say is that this will eventually happen. He might not have thought it would happen by 1984, but somewhere in the future. This can prove my point on how the government is becoming a realistic “Big Brother”.

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This was done as a class assignment.

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