The Blind Side

April 27, 2011
By BooBooBear24 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
BooBooBear24 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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In the year 2009 the extraordinary Baltimore Ravens drafted the 6’5”,309 pounds,ginormous, lightning fast Michael Oher, with the 23d pick in the first round.A boy raised with Denise Oher, Michael Jerome Williams(who were exposed to drugs and alcohol) and foster parents how did Michael get here today?

On November 20, 2009 an inspirational movie came out in the drama, comedy, and sport category titled The Blind Side, actors and actresses Quinton Aaron (Michael), Sandra Bullock (Leigh Anne), Tim Mcgraw (Sean), Jay Head (SJ), Lily Collins (Collins), and Kathy Bates (Miss. Sue) played tremendous parts in this movie by describing the life of Michael and the troubles he went through. Overall this movie made 6.5 million dollars!

The character in the movie,Tony Hamilton, is based on Tony Henderson (Big Tony) who in real life runs an athletic program that advises teens in his neighborhood to join and become better athletes. Realizing Michael’s unstable home life, Tony took Michael in. “He was a good kid,” Tony recalls. “He was really quiet and stayed to himself.” Like in The Blind Side movie, Tony took his teenage son, Steven, to be enrolled in Briarcrest Christian School, and he brought Michael along with them. In the movie, the school that Michael goes to is named Wingate and is the home of the Wingate Crusaders football team.In the true story the real name of the school is Briarcrest, home of the Briarcrest Saints.Due to Michael Oher's poor academic record as of 2002, the principal at Briarcrest suggest Michael that he participate in a home school program for a few months first to get his grades up.

Michael, a poor black kid, was adopted in 2004 by a rich white family,the Tuohys, who took Michael and was later questioned by the NCAA. They questioned Michael to make sure that the Tuohys were not taking care of him for athletic purposes.Leigh Anne quoted “I just think Michael needed somebody, and it was so evident that there was nobody in his life. It just broke my heart.” Sean and Leigh Anne decided to prove to Michael that they love him know matter what so they told Michael he didn't have to go to Ole Miss and he could even go to Tennessee.Sadly the movie is not in theaters, because the movie came out in 2009.Therefore after reading and learning about the plot and would like to see this movie it is available in stores now, television and movie stores of course!
The Blind Side touched my heart, and for those who have not seen this movie I recommend it because it might touch your heart in a different way. Michael grew up in many homes and with many people we still ask how he got here today.

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