POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

April 24, 2011
In 2004, Morgan Spurlock shocked the world with Super Size Me, his debut feature. In 2005, his FX Series, 30 Days premiered, and was a hit. In 2008, he directed Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden? In 2010, he co-directed Freakonomics. Now, he's directed The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, a documentary about product placement in modern film, and the overall amount of advertising seen in today's culture. Greatest Movie Ever Sold is a fascinating, hilarious, and eye-opening story about marketing in today's world. Spurlock never fails at taking subjects that we may not take into consideration everyday as a "bad" thing, and makes us look at them in a completely different way.
I was lucky enough to see an advance screening of the film, and even luckier to say that he was at the screening doing a Q&A. But the luckiest moment of this story comes when I say that afterwards, I got to meet Mr. Spurlock and interview him the next day. A somewhat surreal experience no doubt, but not one I'll ever forget. All I can say is, when the film hits a theater near you, go see it, you will not be disappointed. You will also never look at anything with a logo the same way again either.

Grade: A

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