April 22, 2011
By Lynzgae BRONZE, Philladelphia, Pennsylvania
Lynzgae BRONZE, Philladelphia, Pennsylvania
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Everytime i see a bad mvoie, it turns out to be a good experiance, because i spend the next three weeks laughing about it.

This is not the case for Insidious.

Dont get me wrong, During the second act of the movie i had to make sure i hadn't teleported to another theater mid-movie, the plot had changed mood, tone, and story that much, its just that the movie itself was creepy. It basically stole (and by stole i mean 'ripped massive peices from other more successful movies and games')aspects from movies such as Paranormal Activity, Silent Hill, and the video game Fatal Frame 3. It was a giant plagiarism-fest. It was not worth my boyfriend's money, and its not worth yours either. If you have your heart set on seeing this movie, i would sugest conning someone to pay for your ticket, or waiting until it comes out on DVD.
Trust me, it wont be long.

The author's comments:
Dont see this movie, just dont.

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