Your Highness

April 17, 2011
Fresh off the Oscar ballot, Natalie Portman and James Franco seem to be getting a case of Oscar-itus. The definition of said disease is this: Making one great movie, and then making a lot of bad ones after that. I'm hoping that these two are the exception but after seeing Portman in this, No Strings Attached, and Thor, and with Franco in this, and Rise of The Planet of the Apes, I'm afraid not. But besides all that, the biggest disappointment here is Danny McBride, and the fact that he wrote the script. He's an insanely hilarious man, and I think with a couple more re-writes, Your Highness could've been great. Another big disappointment, is in director David Gordon Green. When I saw his name pop up on the screen as director, I knew this would be good. I was wrong. Your Highness is an unfunny, re-hashed, and just bland comedy. Its saving grace is its excellent action sequences, and occasional giggles. Your Highness is more of a disappointment and a lost opportunity rather than a flat-out bad movie.

Grade: D

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