The Modern Movie of Humans vs. Aliens. Is it any good?

April 10, 2011
By StevenTheBowler BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
StevenTheBowler BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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When adrenaline kicks into the human body it is hard to predict what a normal human would do when hundreds of aliens come at him. Everyone feels that aliens are scary. In the movie Battle: Los Angeles, or Battle: LA, there is a gigantic face-off between aliens and humans. Battle: LA, influenced by the likes of Independence Day and Cloverfield is an excellent film because it has great action and is realistic.

Battle: LA has been a stately box office hit since it premiered. The success of this movie has to do with its similarities to other hit movies. When watching Battle: LA one will notice that its camera angles and film style are quite similar to Cloverfield’s. In Cloverfield the camera was made to look as if it was first person. In Battle: LA most of the camera angles seem to be in the first person, but others stay steady to keep the action scenes easy to follow. The format of Battle: LA is similar to the format of Independence Day. Independence Day had a huge overall fight with the aliens with smaller sub stories to give the movie a stronger plot. These are also true with Battle: LA. The characters had slight run-ins with the aliens and there were some small dialogue sections that give character to the storyline, just like Independence Day.

Fighting and action are such a typical occurrence in war like movies where humans are defending their lives. Battle: LA had some epic fight scenes that were made to look as if it was real life. In one of the bigger fights, the characters were on a freeway and were blocked by a few of the aliens. The fight was very easy to follow and the slight first person view was not too overwhelming to watch. The action kind of felt like the movie was an awesome video game where the protagonists are destroying the antagonists. Although Battle: LA is comparable to video games, it does not take away from how realistic it is.

This movie had extremely realistic guns. The sound effects and end results of the guns are like real life. The guns were accurately done. The characters used many guns in their small arsenal such as: grenade launchers, machine guns, and pistols. Whenever they ran out of ammo they would resort to their small but powerful pistol. Near the end of the movie all the characters used their pistols to plow down the aliens. It was the point of the movie where the message seemed to be: “Never give up no matter how much the odds are against you.” Some of how realistic the movie was, was lost in a few scenes where the camera was too jumpy; however, those few things do not bring down the whole movie.

Battle: LA is a great movie though it has a couple of rough patches, it is still amazing. The movie is as successful as it is due to the similarities it got from other movies. Those combined to make a movie that many people are enjoying. Battle: Los Angeles is one of the best action movies out today; it can only become more popular.

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