Glory History Vs Hollywood

April 10, 2011
By danktastic456 BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
danktastic456 BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
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I thought the film glory was very entertaining and decently accurate historically. Some parts of the film were slightly confusing, but it still got the point across. Empathizing with the soldiers was easy making it so you walk in the shoes of one of the soldiers in the Massachusetts 54th regiment.

The basic plot of the movie is the 54th regiment is trying to get the chance to fight, and get the same respect as white soldiers. The problem is they are not allowed to fight a war that affects their own race. After the battle of Antidum in the movie the 54th regiment is assigned to carnal Shaw. most of his men were former black slaves that were willing to fight. Shaw had to lose his paycheck and argue and argue to get his men to be able to fight. In the movie these men seemed to have much more moral, and fighting skills than the other so than the other soldiers. At the end they attacked fort Wagner and Shaw died.

In this film themes like bravery, perseverance, and the desire to be created equal keep the story going. At the end it must of taken tons of bravery to be the leading regiment in a battle like that, and it must of taken immense bravery to charge into the fort to inspire your men. All of the men worked hard and they did not even get paid. Shaw tried his best to get them shoes and the ability to fight, just to show they are as good as the white men. This is what keeps you going at the low parts, because this shows you that they really believe in fighting for the end of slavery.

Unfortunately this film is not 100% accurate. I mean even some one that has never heard of the civil war knows that you should not make a soldier who completely wimped out and played dead a carnal. If you take out the conmen sense part the history is still off. First of all Shaw became a carnal in a field not in an elegant ball room, in fact that dance did not even happen. Then In real history the 54th regiment was not filled with former slaves but in fact it was filled with free black northerners. In real history Frederick Douglass was a lot younger and he actually spoke out not sit in the back around. And during the climax at fort Wagner they attacked it from the wrong side, during the real war the ocean was to the right not the left. If these things were fixed it would still not be 100% accurate someone would be able to find another flaw.
I thought this was a very entertaining film with very good acting. If you want good entertainment you should watch this move, but if you want a good education I would look somewhere else, I would give this film two thumbs, and I suggest you see it.

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