March 24, 2011
By Anthony_S BRONZE, Middletown, New York
Anthony_S BRONZE, Middletown, New York
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Inception, a movie of action, suspense, complex plot and amazing, special effects. There is plenty of action whether in gun fire or surviving obstacles presented during the film. There is also a lot of suspense. In a dream or in reality, sometimes they wait to make that clear. There is also a very complex plot. The movie is about two and a half hours and there is the plot at hand plus a backstory that slowly is introduced. Also, the special effects were astounding. From spontaneous flooding to multiple gravity changes, everything was so realistic and so mind blowing. It was rated four stars, but I believe it was worth five stars. Inception was, is and always will be an outstanding movie that would certainly be a movie worth watching over and over again, if you had the time to do that.

Inception was, and is an amazing, outstanding, and breath taking movie that is very much worth watching multiple times over. There is a lot of suspense that will keep you watching. You will want to watch it until the very end. You will have to watch it again and again not only just because it is a great movie, but its complex plot is hard to understand at first. In order to understand the complex plot, you will need to watch the movie a few times over. Inception also has a lot of great special effects. Everything seemed so realistic in both the dreams and the real world. All of the explosions, the paradoxes (mazes that are used to help fool projections and give the extractors a chance to get out of harms way.), and gravity changes were created with such detail and accuracy. (If you do not know some of these words like “projections” or “extractors,” go see Inception.) With all of those great things about Inception, the movie was given the rating four out of five. However, Inception really deserves a rating of five out of five for its intense action, suspense, complex plot and astounding special effects. Also, Inception was a nominee for eight different movie awards. That is another reason for it to be rated five out of five. Inception is a well made movie that is truly the best movie of the year.

Inception, written and directed by Christopher Nolan, is a movie with a complex plot. It has action, suspense and a great variety of amazing effects that are very detailed. The movie was given the rating four out of five along with eight award nominations. If it were up to me to rate this amazing movie a five out of five and all of the awards it was nominated for, plus two. If you want to see a great movie of action, suspense and amazing special effects, go see Inception. If you want to see a movie that is mild, short and simple movie, Inception is not the movie for you.

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