Big Mamma Like Father Like Son

March 24, 2011
By , Middletown, NY
I really was looking forward to going to the movies to go see; I knew it was going to be funny and I was going to enjoy it, I said. ‘Big mammas house is back but it’s going to be better because his son is in the movi,’ I wasn’t sure if he was going to be good but he also was in the movie Lottery Ticket and did well. honestly I didn’t think there was going to be another movie because in the last movie he caught doing his job .He feel in love and help her raise Trent as if he was his own .

FBI agent Malcolm turner and his 17-years old step son, Trent they both go under cover at an all-girls school performing arts school, when Trent witnesses murder ,big momma and Charmaine they find Trent (Brandon . T Jackson) Trent just graduated from high school he wants to pursue a music career. He tries to get Malcolm to sign his papers so he could start his music businesses .They Go to the school to find a device that is in the music box. But the music box is missing from the library someone had stolen the box .that when they go undercover has Big Mammas and Charmaine they both go and try to find it also they also are undercover because they don’t want Trent to get caught and there ta all-girls school .They go and investigate to find out who went and stole the music box. During the time when Malcolm and Trent where at that the school .The guy who are looking for Trent go there house and search to see where they would be at all they find in the house all they found in his room were his cd. Finally they catch the bad guys.
Charmaine (Brandon T. Jackson) Did awesome in the movie, I think he acted just like martin Lawrence funny, loud, caring, into his job. it felt like he was like if has been doing this for a long time he did very well in the movie lottery ticket , there were something’s that should been in the movie . But I also think that he was a great choice to be Charmaine he did good by the fitting into character. He had a having a good time. Also think that she could have been funnier other than that he did very well in this movie just like there other one she was in.
I think Brandon T. Jackson should never lie to his step dad because his dad was trying to help him out of getting in to trouble. The first time he lied wasn’t really big deal he told Malcolm that he was at the library studying but really he was in front of somewhere rapping . The second the time he had lied to his step dad was when he asked if he ever took off the suit and he said no but really he did. Just to go and hang out with the girl for a day he was trying to get to know .he should never lied because the bad guys that were looking for him and by him taking of the suit they found him .
I like how at the end of the movie Trent gets all sentimental. During the hole movie he was calling Malcolm step dad and he was like once in a while you should call me dad so finally he at the end of the movie when the bad guys had all of them and was about to kill them Trent (Brandon T. Jackson ) was like “ I’m going to miss you dad “ so when they were leaving Malcolm pointed out at that Trent called him dad and he tried to lie and say no that he didn’t say that I thought that was very cute and I like movies with a happy ending .

This movie was worth the $ 10.00. I really loved this movie, I thought it was funny and I enjoyed it a lot you should really go and watch it in the movie theater. I do recommend the movie this movie doesn’t have much comedy in it but It does have some laugher .i think Brandon T. Jackson and martin Lawrence did a great job, Brandon is very well in doing movie he also did lottery ticket and other movies this movie is PG -13, The language sticks to occasional low-grade profanity .john white sell is the directed this wonderful

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