The Town

March 24, 2011
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Ben Affleck made his career by writing and acting in a movie along with Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting. He then remade his career, which was dropping compared to the stardom he once achieved by writing, acting, and directing a bank robbing thriller titled The Town. This movie provided compelling action scenes and dramatic life situations that kept you interested emotionally in the movie. The thing that makes this movie different from all other bank robbing movies in the past is the concept of how these kids grew up in an area called Charlestown that literally breads break robbers. Ben Affleck’s father was played by Chris Cooper who was in jail for robbing banks, and provided the emotional sense of how difficult it was for Ben’s character Doug MacRay to grow up in such a neighborhood. Co-starring with Ben was Jeremy Renner, who took his intense adrenalin needing attitude from The Hurt Locker a picture of the year winner in 2010, and adds a murderous want for money in the movie. My recommendation if you’re looking for an action filled thriller that also has an amazing plot, is the town. To also make it better, watch the extended version which adds depth and a little more clarity in the movie.

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