Napoleon Dynamite

March 23, 2011
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Tina you fat lard, come get some dinner! If there needs to be explanation, I’m talking about Napoleon Dynamite. Never seen the movie? Go see it. Best movie ever or at least will give some laughs.
The movie Napoleon Dynamite is all about a high school kid named Napoleon Dynamite. He is a huge geek that doesn’t have many friends. He has a small curly, fro and wears space boots everywhere he goes. This kid is just hilarious. Oh, and by the way, Tina is his pet llama that he often screams at.
Napoleon’s family consists of himself, his grandma, his brother, and his uncle. Napoleon’s grandma is gone, four wheeling in the dunes. So Napoleon is staying with his uncle, who thinks he is a superstar quarterback. Napoleon’s brother, Keith, thinks he’s all that. He is quite an amusing character due to the factors that he is scrawny and wimpy, wants to be a cage fighter, and has a big african american girlfriend named Latasha.
Napoleon’s friends are Debbie and Pedro. Debbie is strange and doesn’t really talk much. Her hobbies are photographing and making weird key chains. Pedro is a mexican who works very hard on a farm. He never talks much but has a cool foreign accent. Pedro goes for class president against Trisha, the most popular girl in the school.
The whole goal of the movie is to get Pedro class president. How? Napoleon puts a vote for Pedro shirt on, plays some weire=d music, and gets his groove on infront of the entire school. Definatly the best part of the movie!
The movie may seem pretty pointless but, if anyone can imagine all these weird characters in one movie, It’s pretty funny. Napoleon is a dumb geek that sreads humor through the whole movie. This movie rocks. Vote for Pedro.!

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