Battle: LA

March 21, 2011
By Peter Vakulskas BRONZE, Victoria, Minnesota
Peter Vakulskas BRONZE, Victoria, Minnesota
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Battle: LA was a much different movie than I had expected. Before seeing it, I was expecting to see another movie similar to many of which have gone before hosting a battle between humans and aliens but this had a very different feel to it. If one had to make a comparision between another movie, I feel the movie best suited is Black Hawk Down. It had many of the same themes and and ideas as Black Hawk Down except for the fact that they were battling aliens. While I feel this new approach to humans versus aliens was a good and interesting idea, I feel it could have done better.

Regardless of lacking execution, the movie brought with it good action and great special effects. If one likes to see a movie for action and special effects, but not so much for the plot, then this is definitely a movie for them to see. The movie also leaves you hanging in a sense with no inkling of a sequel. The city of Los Angeles is left in ruins and it is not known if the humans will come back or continue to be destroyed by the aliens. In conclusion, I would say don't make plans to see this movie but if you are at the theater and it has the most convenient time, go for it.

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