The Taking of Pelham 123

March 20, 2011
By oxboy78 SILVER, Newark, Delaware
oxboy78 SILVER, Newark, Delaware
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Suspenseful, breath taking, thrilling are all accurate words to describe the action movie the Taking of Pelhem 123 directed by Tony Scott. The Taking of Pelhem 123 is based in a New York City subway tunnel when a group of hijackers led by an ex-Wall street broker, Ryder played by John Travolta, to take over the train. In the group there are three other men who all were recently released from prison and they all met within their time in jail. While the train was under Ryder's control a rail dispatcher, Walter Garber played by Denzel Washington tries to contact the train operator but instead ends up having to talk to Ryder, and Ryder will only talk to Garber. Rydder said if his demands were not met he would kill the passengers. The only demand Ryder had was that he wanted ten million dollars in one hour. For the next hour and a half you are taken on a suspense filled trip, not knowing what is going to happen or who is going to die. The only thing I would warn viewers about is the language, they use a lot of profanity.

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