March 18, 2011
By coolkobbi BRONZE, Reykjavík, Other
coolkobbi BRONZE, Reykjavík, Other
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Christopher Nolan is a director. He directed the movie Inception. He has also directed: The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Memento and other films. All of his films have received good reviews, on the average 8/10 on the grading scale from the film review websites IMDB and The Rotten Tomatoes.

Inception is the story of Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio). He specializes in a strange profession. He is called an extractor, who enters the dreams of important individuals and steals their secrets. For every dream that Dom and his team enters, there must be an architect. The architect is responsible for building the world of the dreamer, convincing them that their surroundings are real, but sometimes making traps, because if the dreamer gets suspicious about someone crawling around in their dreams, he will try to kill the extractors.

The beginning of the movie starts in the middle of an extraction, in the mind of energy company CEO, Saito (Ken Watanabe). Dom and Arthur are attempting to lead Saito's subconscious mind through the process of making him believe his dream and leading them to his greatest secrets. During this event we're introduced to Mal (Marion Cotillard). Mal and Dom have a relationship. All we know at this point is that Dom can't trust her.

Back in the real world, Saito has discovered the identity of Cobb and his team (after they had gone into his dreams), and intercepts them during their attempt to disperse to different corners of the world. Instead of busting them, Saito has a proposition: to put together a team of dream thieves, and accomplish something thought to be impossible. Instead of stealing an idea they will try to plant one. In the movie they call it an inception. Saito wants his rival in the energy business, Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy), to dissolve his company and destroy it. But Cobb has a little plan of his own. It is to be able to see his wife, Mal, which Cobb was blamed for killing. He is going to try to make her understand that she is still in a dream. Arthur doesn't want to do the inception, but Cobb insists it's been done before. They take the job and assemble a team of professionals. But to make the inception work they have to go into the first dream, then a dream within the first dream, then within the second dream and and finally a dream within the third dream. So the team is in four layers of dreams and if the dreamer suspects Cobb's plans, he will make the difference between success and failure with the most severe consequences.

I thought movie was very good and original. The experience of the film was great and Christopher Nolan made the movie very believable. I felt amazed and my brain was rather cooked afterwards.

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