March 18, 2011
By Anonymous

I watched the movie Inception recently and I liked it really much. When I was watching it I didn´t really understand it but Inception is the kind of movie that leaves you thinking about it for days. The movie is about a dream scientist called Cobb. Cobb needs to get back to the States, to his children. But to get there he needs to take one last job. He needs to perform inception on a guy who is about to take over his father’s company. Inception is when someone goes into a dream and is going to plant an idea deep inside one’s mind, so deep inside that the subject believes that the idea is from him. Cobb assembles his team and they come up with a plan of how they would do the inception.
This is one of the best science-fiction movies I have ever seen. It is often very complicated but that is what makes the plot so interesting. I encourage anybody who hasn´t seen it to watch it soon.

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