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March 18, 2011
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What is Nichole Kidman doing in this movie? What’s the recent nominee for Best Actress for her role in “Rabbit Hole” doing in a B grade, romantic comedy with Adam Sandler, where she plays a snobbish and superficial college rival of leading lady Jennifer Anniston? Seriously, did she have nothing better to do?

However, Kidman isn’t the only flaw in Dennis Dugan’s film “Just Go with it,” which is at best a harmless, somewhat entertaining romantic comedy. It’s amusing to see Adam Sandler, when he’s not acting completely goofy all the time, and Jennifer Anniston is always fun to watch. Even when she’s in utterly terrible movies (hint: “The Bounty Hunter”) she stands her ground, bringing some charm and likeability to the screen. Though it’s hard to shake that Rachael Green (“Friends”) personality that she has become so famous for.

Sandler plays Danny, a plastic surgeon (cue the breast, ugly people and Botox jokes!) from California who’s able to woo the ladies by pretending to be in a fake marriage. That is, until he meets a young blonde named Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) and the two really hit it off. For being in her first movie Decker does fine with her role, but she isn’t really given much to do besides stand around and look hot.

She discovers the ring and runs away in anger. So Danny comes back and tells her that he’s getting a divorce but wait, Palmer decides she wants to meet his ex, so Danny enlists the help of his assistant Katherine (Anniston) to pretend to be his wife. And later her two small kids are in on the act as well.

Then they all head off to Hawaii because Palmer thinks they should bond. Besides the encounter with Kidman’s character, a testicular-harming joke, a poo joke, and some babes in bikinis walking in slow motion, nothing really happens. You lie in your seat, losing your patience, waiting for the predictable ending to come. I won’t say anything but you should be able to figure it out.

When I saw that Dugan was directing I was a little worried and a little relieved. After all, he did direct some of Sandler’s best movies (“Big Daddy” “Happy Gilmore”) but what about the travesty we all witnessed last year called “Grown Ups”? And “I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry” was pretty bad too. “Just Go with it” isn’t as bad as “Grown Ups” (mainly because its script doesn’t feel like it was written by a bunch of sixth graders) but that isn’t saying much.

The humor was still very bland. Besides the stuff already mentioned, the conversational humor was awkward and filled with sitcom-esque one liners. There were too many scenes that just kept going on and on. Like when Palmer meets Katherine for the first time and Katherine and Danny do the classic “trade one fake insult after another at each other” bit.

So really when you think about it, Kidman being in the movie isn’t such a terrible thing. She’s a good actress who does well with the one-dimensional role she has. Maybe she didn’t want to do another worthwhile movie right away

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