The Dark Knight – A Striking Shadow Film

March 17, 2011
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The Dark Knight (2008) is one of the most action-packed thrilling movies ever and is a sequel to the previous batman movie, Batman Begins released in 2005. The story line of the film has a fast moving pace that keeps the audience’s attention throughout the movie. The special effects of the film make the movie more realistic because of the action and fighting scenes. Another great aspect of the movie was the acting because the complex characters were convincingly performed. The Dark Knight is a movie that was made for audiences everywhere.

The plot is about the adventures of Batman (Christian Bale) in his attempts to make Gotham a better city. The villain in the movie is the Joker (Heath Ledger). The Joker's crime follow one after another, and progressively worsen. Batman is Gotham's hope to stop the Joker's plans to destroy the city.

In some cases, the sequel is a hit, such as in the Spider-Man trilogy and there is nothing different in the Batman cycles. Director Christopher Nolan uses real life effects to capture great images of Gotham City. When the Joker demolished a hospital in the movie, Nolan blew up an abandon factory to catch the effect that an actual hospital was destroyed. The impressive scenes, good acting and an epic plot made The Dark Knight an electrifying movie.

Nolan and Bale once again, teamed up to make another exciting film, and they did a job well-done. Bale showed great composure and acted very professional in the movie. Bale portrayed two different roles, Bruce Wayne and Batman, as two completely opposite characters. Batman is dark and mysterious man, who fights criminals with his outstanding skills and unique gadgets. Bruce Wayne is a rich man who owns a major corporation, however he is careless and does not run his company.

In former Batman films, Bruce Wayne was viewed as an intelligent and hard working man. Wayne was seen as a business man that who was adored by Gotham. In The Dark Knight, Bale portrayed Bruce Wayne as a laid-back man who does not care about anyone. Such as how Wayne falls asleep during company meetings in The Dark Knight.

Supporting actor Heath Ledger did an outstanding job as well, with his role as the joker. Although he is no longer alive, Ledger was nominated for some best supporting actor awards and won. Ledger made the audience believe his role was psychotic. The phrase Ledger says throughout the movie, “why so serious,” became such a huge trademark. When audiences hear the phrase they automatically remember the Joker.

The Joker role was not always similar in previous Batman movies. Batman's rival was viewed as much more insane and menacing in The Dark Knight, compared to other Batman films. Ledger made the Joker seem as a villain who is just pure evil and only cares about making the world burn. As in previous Batman movies, the Joker has many labyrinth and sinister plans to create all kinds of chaos. Such as when he destroys the hospital, as a part of a complex scheme.

Besides the view of the Joker and Bruce Wayne, former Batman films differed from The Dark Knight. A noticeable difference was the portrayal of Batman in the movie. The Dark Knight viewed Batman more as a vigilante rather than a hero. The heroic dark knight proves that he is willing to be whatever Gotham needs him to be. Batman proves to be a hero in all prior movies, in his attempts to make Gotham a safe city. Previous Batman movies normally have an entertaining plot. But no other motion picture on Batman is as energetic and amusing as the most recent, The Dark Knight. Former movies were not as action-packed because they lack the intensity The Dark Knight has. The supreme acting and wonderful effects are not the only reason why this movie was exceptional. The plot accounted for some of the success of this film, as with most award winning movies.

The plot becomes very remarkable due to the way Batman is viewed. Audiences see him as a hero, while the characters in the movie do not. In the beginning Batman was idolized as a hero. An example would be how people impersonate him. As the movie progresses the citizens of Gotham viewed Batman villain. The storyline depicts Batman more as a heroic fighter rather than a hero. The role of Batman shows how the hero is willing to defeat his enemies at any cost.

A thrilling movie such as The Dark Knight proves to be even greater, as the film has won more awards than any other film in 2008. The movie was nominated for well over a hundred awards and has won about ninety of them, based on several different features. Mainly for the excellent performance by Heath Ledger. Overall this film proves to show audiences that The Dark Knight is one of the most genuine movies created.

As Ledger and Bale face each other in an epic non-stop battle, audiences are left wondering if another movie will be made. After watching Batman Begins, audiences look forward to see the conflict of Batman and the Joker again, in a more exhilarating story. The fulfillment was made and The Dark Knight was created.

With performances by great actors like Bale and Ledger, any movie looks decent. Adding cunning and real life effects makes the movie even better. Now, include a brilliant script about an interesting superhero. You are now left with the striking film, The Dark Knight.

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