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March 21, 2011
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Water boy is a very serious movie concerning the bullying associated with being a water boy. Adam Sandler plays the main character, Bobby Boucher (Boo-sha). Bobby Boucher has built up so much anger from being bullied that he turns from a nice mama’s boy to a mean hard-hitting football player.

During the beginning of the movie Bobby is a nerd that is picked on for caring too much about the water and for his studder. Bobby is the water boy for a big and powerful football team. He is simply known as the “water boy” to the football players and coaches. One of the football players knows how much Bobby is concerned about the water so he spits in the c-c-co-cooler. Bobby gets so mad that he goes after the football player with his ladle, only to be stopped by the head football coach. The coach unfairly fires him, which only builds up Bobby’s anger.

Bobby still wants to deliver water to athletes so he calls his favorite wrestler, Captain Insano. Captain Insano asks Bobby how old he is and Bobby tells him he’s twenty-five. Captain Insano laughs at Bobby on the television for the whole world to see, and makes Bobby Boucher very mad.

Bobby still wants to be a water boy, so he goes to a little school with a poor football program. Even at a little school Bobby is still picked on. During the first practice Bobby is at the, quarterback tells his wide receiver to knock over the “water boy” and all his stuff that keeps them hydrated, poor Bobby never saw it coming. The wide receiver does what he is told and knocks over the “water boy”. The coach tells Bobby that he has to stand up for himself, so Bobby, with all his anger inside him, runs at full speed and tackles the quarterback. The quarterback is unconscious when everybody clears away. The coach puts Bobby on the team only to bring back all of his bad memories. The coach tells him that he should imagine the heads of all the people that have been mean to him on the bodies of the other teams quarterback, a pretty mean trick just to win football games.

In the end Bobby leads the teams to a national championship game, where they beat his old team and arch rivals. Bobby has lots of friends and even gets married at the end of the movie, but in my mind the writers of the movie had to lighten up from all the bad stuff that happened throughout the movie to Bobby. If you ask me the end of the movie isn’t important to the moral of the story and should just be ignored.

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golfboy1 said...
May 27, 2011 at 9:44 am

Very good article Colton H??????????????


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