Eragon Review

March 8, 2011
The movie Eragon had the potential to be great but didn’t seize the chance. They didn’t even try to follow the book at all and the way they made it prevents them from making another movie. I have many contradictions on the movie such as: Arya wasn’t blonde, Baldor and his brother weren’t taken away by the Empire, Roran left Carvahall to escape the similar fate, etc. However, I won’t bore you with small ones such as that. I have four that take the cake. One, Saphira grew up almost instantly. In the book, Saphira isn’t even fully grown at the end of the book. Two, Eragon killed both Ra’zac barely halfway in. This is the reason they can’t make a second movie. In the second book, the Ra’zac returned to Carvahall to take Roran as a hostage. After escaping their grasps, they remain in the town and eat a man named Quimby. This causes the townsfolk to revolt and chase them and their soldiers from their town. After a few furious battles and a traitor take place, the Ra’zac steal Roran’s beloved, Katrina. This causes Roran to join the Varden and combine forces with Eragon to get her back. Three, they never introduced Solembum, the werecat. He’s the one who told Eragon the prophecy which led him to his sword in book three and may lead to the defeat of Galbatorix in the upcoming book four. Five, they never introduce Orik, who plays major roles in the book. He is the one to offer Eragon his adoption into Orik’s clan. He also travels with Arya and Eragon to the elves home. He later becomes the first dwarf to ever fly on a dragon. Then, he become the dwarf king and keeps all peaceful with the Varden.

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mSanders said...
Mar. 23, 2011 at 8:34 pm
Nice! Nailed them right in the face! I agree that they completely destroyed the movie. Oh and which Avatar do you mean? Airbender or the one with the blue people?
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